Welcome to SerranoStrength

My name is Josh. I’m the founder and big chief of the blog that you’re currently on.

Now if you know me in real life then you understand why SerranoStrength exists. If you don’t know me and you’re a new comer to the site then you must be wondering, who the hell is Josh?

A little back ground story about me:

When I was young I was an over weight kid, like most over weight children I was teased a lot but I always tried to brush it off and not let it affect me. Luckily my grandfather was into fitness and bought me my first weight lifting set on my 12th birthday.

This was when my life changed. I fell in love with fitness and it became my passion. Everyday after school I would come home and workout. After an hour workout I would start reading anything I could get my hands on that was fitness related, the internet was my best friend.

Back then I was following blogs before following blogs was a thing. Around the age of 14 I figured out what I wanted to do with my life. My goal was to go to college for Exercise Science and become a Strength and Conditioning Coach. I wanted to have my own fitness blog just like the blogs that I was reading back in the day.

This was my goal and I set my mind to it. Ever since than I’ve been a student of Exercise Science. I’ve read countless books and have applied what I’ve learned to my own training. I have 11 years of under the bar experience and 3 years of experience training people.

When I first started working out it was frustrating. Since I really didn’t know what I was doing I went through a lot of trail and error which if you ask anybody, is the best way to learn.

In high school I was introduced to strength training, kettlebells, and strongman training. Those 4 years were some awesome years of learning.

After high school I went to community college for Exercise Science. The following 2 years were some what easy. I guess since I engulfed myself into health and fitness at such a young age I was familiar with the information I was learning in school and since it was my passion I picked up a lot of the new information rather quickly.

On my last semester of community college I set a mini goal to create a blog. This was when SerranoStrength was born. It took me all semester but I eventually finished and had my very first fitness blog.

Around the same time I finished the blog I had a big decision to make between which 4 year University I wanted to attend. It was between Rutgers and Temple University. I got accepted into both and had to decide which one was a better fit for me.

That was until one day I had an idea that totally changed the direction of my life.

The idea was crazy but it was something that I felt deep down I needed to do. I thought to myself what if I didn’t go to a 4 year university and worked on creating and growing SerranoStrength. I had my blog, the very goal I set forth when I was 14.

I already didn’t agree with the school system and how it’s designed to put young people into debt. The decision to drop out of college wasn’t hard per se but rather super scary. Going against the status quo and dropping out of college was a big step but one I felt strongly about. I had my dream (my blog) right in front of me, all I needed to do was start writing and releasing articles.

I thought long and hard about this decision and decided to not let fear stop me from pursuing my dream.

Since I wasn’t going to school anymore I knew I had to keep my knowledge game up so I became a book worm. Before then I hated books. I never really read a book myself growing up. I barely read the readings from the home works I used to get in school. But I knew that if I was going to drop out of college I couldn’t slack.

So the time came when I had to make my decision final. I’m proud to say that I went with my dream and that’s exactly why you’re on this blog.

SerranoStrength is here to help people around the world learn about health and fitness. There’s so much B.S. in the fitness industry that it makes it very hard to know what works and what really doesn’t. It’s no wonder most people that go to the gym end up looking the same year after year.

Don’t waste your time! Read SerranoStrength.