photoSo I’ve been writing for my blog for about 8 months now and I’ve noticed that a lot of people are interested in what I have to say regarding training and nutrition.

I get a lot of questions online and at the gym, I get a lot of shares on my articles (way more shares than I would have ever guessed I would get), and I am beyond grateful.

I can honestly  say that I love my life and I wouldn’t live it any other way. I love that I can help people become better versions of themselves, I love that I can help people change their bodies, I love that I can wake up in the morning, meditate, read, and begin writing articles to be able to reach a bigger audience of people that I can help, I love that I can train every day, and I love that I can be happy doing all of this.

Yes, I guess you can say that I’m lucky to be able to live the life I want but I learned at a young age that it all starts with your health.

Let me break it down for you

When you eat a diet that comes from whole foods (meat, chicken, eggs, butter, bacon, nuts, veggies, fruits etc), train hard, and get good rest; you develop the body you want. When you develop the body you want, you optimize your body’s performance – meaning a better hormonal environment, stronger foundation, better cardiovascular system, better posture, stronger joints, the list could go on.

All this coupled together begins an effect — an effect that most people these days don’t go through. When you get the body you want and you optimize your performance, your confidence goes up, and when you confidence goes up there’s no telling what you can accomplish.

And that’s what I set out to do. How else do you think I was able to drop out of college to pursue the life I wanted? It took courage and that courage came from my confidence, and my confidence came from my body being optimized, and my body being optimized came from my training and nutrition.

Now the reason I’m telling you this is because I always have to throw a little fitness info into each post (it’s just me) but also because I wanted to thank you. Thank you for trusting me, thank you for letting me do what makes me happy.

Gaining someones trust isn’t easy especially through the interwebz . That’s why I like to be transparent in my articles. When I put myself out there it puts me in a vulnerable position. The stakes are high.

[quote type=”medium” align=”center”] If we reveal our authentic selves, there is the great possibility that we will be misunderstood, labeled, or worst of all, rejected. The fear of rejection can be so powerful that some wear it like armor. – Wendy Miyake [/quote]

16 things you didn’t know about me

1.      I was born in Ecuador and came to NJ at the age of 5

2.      I’ve been learning about nutrition and training since I was 12, knew that I wanted to be a strength coach at 14, and started personal training a year ago.

3.      Personal training came so naturally that I knew I was on the right path

4.      I love animals, especially dogs and one day I plan on opening up a shelter for homeless animals.

5.      When I have my own home I plan on having my own garden, a chicken coop, and 2 cows on my property. This way I can have fresh veggies, fresh eggs, and fresh raw milk whenever I want

6.      I try to always follow my heart no matter how scary it is; so far it hasn’t let me down

7.      I feel like I’m more mature then most people my age

8.      95% of the goals I’ve set forth, I’ve accomplished

9.      I’ve been buying my own organic food since I got my first job at Target at 16

10.  I learn from my mistakes

11.  My goal in life is to be happy

12.  I’ve learned from my past relationships and I’ve become a better man from them

13.  I’m going to become one of the best strength coaches in the industry

14.  When I was younger I wanted to be a rapper

15.  I’m one lucky mofo; during my brain surgery the doctors found a small aneurism that they had no idea about. If they would have sewn me back up without removing it, it would have been a ticking time bomb.

16. I don’t do shit I don’t want to do (refer back to #11)


So there you have it

16 things you didn’t know about me but now you do 🙂

Talk to you later,