man boobs

Man boobs. A touchy subject for some but a serious problem for all.

You see a large portion of over weight men suffer from gynecomastia (man boobs). A result from being over weight and having a hormone imbalance.

Why is this a serious problem for men?

Because first off as a man you need to take pride in having masculinity, and having man boobs makes it pretty hard to be prideful.

Secondly, having a hormonal imbalance can lead to being very unhealthy.

Two things that SerranoStrength hates to see.

So today we’re going to tell you why man boobs exist and how to get rid of them.

What’s the cause of moobs?

The direct cause for a man to start growing breasts is because of an estrogen imbalance that’s taking place in their body. High estrogen levels results in fat being stored in the hips, thighs, and chest.

You see estrogen is the female hormone. It’s what makes a woman, A Woman. And naturally men have a small production of estrogen as well. Unfortunately for men, it’s a lot easier for them to produce more estrogen then a woman to produce more testosterone.

And the number one cause of high levels of estrogen in men is being over weight. You should always strive for having visible abs which is around 10-11% body fat. Anything higher 13-14% body fat means you’re producing more estrogen then you should.

So first things first burn some bodyfat. Less fat on your body means less estrogen being produced.

Now that’s pretty simple right. Burn fat, produce less estrogen, have less fat in my chest.

But what about for people that still have moobs after losing 20 pounds?

For these guys it’s going to take a little bit more hard work but it’s possible to get rid of man boobs without taking prescription drugs. Just keep reading.

So let’s think about this logically. What hormone can we naturally produce for estrogen to start decreasing production. Testosterone!

This is what doctors give men that have high estrogen levels. Testosterone in a bottle is a lot worse for you than testosterone from your balls.

Stick with naturally raising your testosterone and you’ll get rid of your man boobs forever.


Now there’s a shit ton of different methods of training. From body building, strongman training, powerlifting, and even crossfit. These are all different styles of training that elicit a different response in the body.

So what style is the best for producing more testosterone?

Cause remember this hormone is what’s going to help us lower estrogen levels and get rid of moobs forever.

Density Training

Density training was created by Charles Staley back in 2005.

The concept is that the only thing that truly matters when it comes to training is how much workload you do in a given workout.

So for example instead of doing 5×5 for an exercise, you would pick 2 different exercises and perform 15 minutes intervals, performing as much work as you can in that time frame.

The original program by Charles said to start with your 10 RM (rep max) and perform 5 rep sets. Alternate between the two exercises and keep performing 5 reps until you cant. Then go to 4 reps, and then 3 reps; you get my drift. Keep alternating exercises and repping it out. If you have to go to singles before the 15 minutes are up do so.

Below is a workout you can try yourself:

moobs workout

Follow this workout twice a week and every workout try to beat last workouts total workload. So do more reps in the same amount of time with the same weight as last week.

Once you increase workload by 20% you can increase weight by 5% and repeat the process of beating last weeks workload.

Pretty simple huh?


Now our main focus when trying to fix moobs is to increase testosterone. Doing so will combat estrogen and help us get rid of man boobs.

If you went to your doctor for this issue he would most likely prescribe a testosterone booster like androgel. Something this simple and an easy fix can really ruin your health. Think twice before agreeing to take this stuff.

If you can naturally raise your testosterone through diet and training then why not give that a try before resorting to topical ointments that will shrink your balls.

So if we want to raise testosterone, first we have to understand the facts on what creates testosterone. If you’ve ever seen a Cholesterol Molecule and a Testosterone Molecule you’d see a very uncanny resemblance.

If you’re new to my site then you probably don’t know my love for high fat diets. It is my belief and conviction that human beings need to eat fats especially saturated fats in order to have a body that runs optimally.

Cholesterol is a precursor for testosterone and many other hormones in the body.

It’s no wonder why a lot of people suffer from hormonal imbalances, which is a serious threat to our health.

So first things first, you need to get rid of the notion that saturated fats are bad for you and secondly we have to learn what foods contain the saturated fats that we want to eat.

Best Source Of Saturated Fats

  • Animal Fats Especially Grass Fed or Free Range Meats
  • Wild Caught Fish
  • Grass Fed Butter or Ghee
  • Coconut Oil
  • Bacon
  • Whole Eggs
  • Lard

These are the foods that are going to make up your diet if we’re serious about getting rid of man boobs. Eat more of these foods and your testosterone levels will be higher then ever before.

You’ll have a higher sex drive and a leaner body. Who doesn’t want that?

Of course you’re going to have to have a big portion of organic veggies with almost every meal.

If your body fat levels are higher then 15% then try and stay away from startchy carbs until your body fat percentage goes down a bit.

Remember part of the reason why you have high estrogen levels is because you have a higher percentage of body fat.

Get that down and estrogen will decrease as well.

So to outline: Eat and train for higher testosterone. Nothing’s going to help you more then increase your testosterone naturally. Give this information a try and if you have any questions drop them down below.