If you’re a serious weight lifter or athlete than this post will probably be the most important one you read today.

There are thousands of supplements in the industry that it makes it pretty hard to distinguish which ones are actually important.

A lot of the marketing tactics make it seem like all of them are, but that’s not the case.

You can do without a lot of the crap you probably buy, and today I’m going to tell you which supplement needs to be first on your list.

If you’ve been lifting for years like I have then you probably understand the importance of joint health.

If you have shitty joints you wont be able to move without pain.

That’s a big deal because if you plan on lifting til the day you die than you’re going to want to keep your joints healthy.

Nothing’s worse than having achy knees while squatting or achy shoulders while benching.

Yea I said it. There’s NOTHING worse.

If you strain your muscle it’ll heal within days depending on the severity.

But if you hurt your joints don’t expect a speedy recovery.

Joints are avascular, meaning they lack blood vessels. Which is how our bodies deliver nutrients and building blocks into our tissue.

Since joints can’t get any supply of blood it makes it extremely difficult for joints to regenerate and heal themselves like every other tissue in our bodies.

This is why joints take forever to heal.

So to avoid an injury that can last months too even years, you have to make sure you invest in a good joint supplement.

Not just to avoid injury by lubricating and keeping your cartilage healthy, but to also avoid achiness.

Trust me, no matter how perfect your form is, if you lift on the regular, especially heavy weights; your joints will take a beating.

And after years of this you’ll start feeling it.

So to avoid all the bad shit I mentioned above make sure you add a good joint supplement to the top of your list.


Below is my favorite joint supplement and I invite you to try it out. It’s definitely one of the better joint products out there and you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg.


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