If your goal is fat loss, muscle mass, improving your athleticism, or just trying to get healthy this article will steer (pun intended) you towards the right direction.

It’s amazing to think that the food you buy at a grocery store is actually harming you rather then helping you.

For people that aren’t aware, there are actually 2 types of beef you can buy. Obviously ones going to be healthier than the other (come on what’d you expect, you can’t have good without bad or happy without sad)

There are two types of beef; it’s categorized by cows that eat grains and cows that eat grass (a cows natural food supply)

You see the sad truth is most of the  meat you buy at a grocery store is actually produced in a factory where they have these cows crammed together and fed grain. The grains that are most commonly used are corn and soy, which are two crops that are huge GMO crops.

During this time at the factory the main goal is to produce as much meat as possible to get the most (profit) out of the cow.

Grains are used to fatten the cow, unfortunately fattening up isn’t the only thing that’s happening to the cow, during this time the grains are actually changing the fatty acid profile in the cow.

Once the cow is fed grains the omega 3 fatty acid (an essential fat that your body can only get from the foods you eat, is substantially decreased)

This is another huge reason why grass fed cows are a lot healthier for our consumption. For crying out loud, it’s their natural food supply, plus it contains higher amounts of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which is proven to help you burn more fat.

That and it taste a whole lot better. After a while of eating grass fed beef I can definitely taste the difference between the two.

Just think if grains are used to fatten up cattle, why are we told grains are good for us?

Wouldn’t grains have the same effect on us? (Yea I understand we’re different then a cow but we are all made up of living cells that perform the same way)

So if you do eat meat from a regular supermarket chances are it’s grain fed beef and it’s doing more harm to you rather then supporting you in your goal.

I recommend sticking to grass fed beef. In the long run it’ll help you reach your goal faster and keep you healthy.

I hope you enjoyed today’s article, if you want more information on the importance of eating grass fed beef click here

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