Confined-animal-feeding-operationI got such a good response on my previous article about grain fed versus grass fed beef that I wanted to go a little more in depth on how commercialized meats are raised for human consumption. (warning: this information is gross and inhumane, but its information that you have the RIGHT to know to make your own decisions towards your health. And plus I love animals so the more people that know about this, the more we can do to stop these factory raised animals from living in these conditions)

When it comes to eating healthy a lot of people are unaware of the truth.

I’m not just talking about avoiding the usually junk food, candy, soda or anything of that nature.

I’m talking about the most basic food humans have been eating for centuries.

Meat and dairy production has been fucked with more than you can imagine. Cows are no longer being raised on farms where they are able to go out in the sun and graze on healthy grass. Chickens are no longer able to eat insects and enjoy their time on the fields.

Fish are no longer swimming in the oceans and doing their fishy duties.

No, these animals have been stripped of their natural living environments and put into CAFOs( confined animal feeding operations).

These CAFOs are basically factories where cows, pigs, chickens, or any animals we are used to eating are put into and fed a diet mainly to fatten them up to get the most out of that animal (profit).

For centuries cows have been grazing on open land eating their natural food source of grass and hay. Not anymore, these animals are put into confined spaces where they’re not even able to turn around. Here they stay until the end and fed grains (which are most likely corn and soy, two huge GMO crops).

These CAFOs are so dirty and not taken care of that bacteria runs wild in there, getting into the feed and drinking water of these animals. The producers have to inject antibiotics into them just to avoid infections.

These antibiotics are directly being fed to us (people that are unaware of the truth).

And according to Mike Geary, a nutrition specialist

Pasteurized and homogenized milk is one of the worst foods humans can possible ingest. This kind of milk has been linked to a variety of health problems Americans face today, including diabetes, atherosclerosis, anemia, MS, leukemia, prostate and ovarian cancer. (1)

The reason commercial pasteurized milk has all these negative side effects is because of the way the source of this milk is being treated.

At the beginning of the century cows were naturally producing up to 2000 pounds of milk (which equals close to 250 gallons), today cows are producing close to 50,000 pounds of milk (that’s 6000 more gallons than what a cow should be able to produce). (1)

All this is done through injections of growth hormones called Bovine Growth Hormone or BGH.

There has been studies done that have focused on the intake of BGH and the growth of cancerous tumors in humans and they found a correlation between an increase of breast cancer and the presence of BGH in dairy products. (1)

BGH is so bad for human or cows consumption that is has been banned around the world (other than America…of course) because of safety concerns.

The introduction of BGH in cows to produce more milk has led to other unhealthy uses like antibiotics. Like I mention above cows are producing 2000 gallons more of milk then they are naturally meant to, this unnatural production leads to mastitis (which is an infection in the udder of the cow).

Obviously this infection has to fixed so the producers injects the cows with antibiotics. Unfortunately this isn’t the only instance antibiotics are used on the cows. They are fed antibiotics throughout their lives because of how poorly the cattle is being raised.

And remember any substance that’s put into the cow directly shows up in the milk and meat we consume.

Hmmm, no wonder we’re becoming resistant to antibiotics.

Grains are also being used to fatten up the cow and this fattening up is changing the composition of the fatty acids in the milk and meat of the cow making it an inflammatory food. The intake of grains changes the healthy ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 (which is 4:1) that you find in grass fed cows, to an unhealthy ratio of 20:1 of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids. (2)

And this ALL is being fed to humans. I don’t know about you but that DOES NOT make me happy. Why in the hell are they feeding us food that is in retrospect making us sick and fat.

Cows are just one example of how producers are messing with our foods. Everything I described above is also being used to raise every animal we consume (which are chickens, pigs, fish, lamb etc.)

If you truly want to stay healthy and not end up disease ridden and fat, stick to eating meat that comes from healthy and naturally raised animals.

Below I listed the foods that you should consider eating rather than what’s commercially available to Americans.

  • 100% Grass Fed Beef
  • Locally Produced Free Range Pork
  • 100% Grass Fed Lamb
  • Free Range Eggs
  • Wild Caught Fish
  • Raw Milk from Grass Fed Cow


I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I hope I opened your eyes to the truth behind how your food supply is being raised for our consumption. Remember the obesity epidemic and the diseases people are dying from today only started about a century ago when the U.S started shifting to industrial raised foods. Take back your health and become informed in what you’re putting into your body.

Talk to you later,


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