sweetAs a youngster I grew up being overweight, I was one of the heaviest kids in my class and my love of food was at fault.

I would eat anything and everything that crossed my path; my favorite foods being pizza and Oreo’s (who’s isn’t though?)

A decade later my love for food hasn’t changed.

And to be completely honest I’m still a fat boy at heart and even though I’m not as big as I once was I can stuff down food like no bodies business.

Now of course I don’t eat like this every day (if I did I’d probably eat myself into obesity within a few months)

So to let my inner fat boy indulge and be happy, sometimes I add in a cheat day once a week to help with fat loss and my sanity.

So why am I telling you this?  

Cause cheat days are awesome

And because on weeks I don’t have cheat days my carb cravings are at an all-time high. These cravings lead to temptations and we all know temptations are worse than the devil himself.

Luckily I came across an awesome secret that has helped me control my cravings and stick to my diet, which ultimately has helped me reach my goals a lot faster.

So what’s the secret?


When I first started taking glutamine it wasn’t for the reason I take it now. I read that glutamine helps heal the lining of your intestines which will increase the absorption rate from the foods you eat, leading to better results over all.

Well during the cycle of taking this amino acid I noticed my cravings weren’t as prevalent as they normally were.

So I looked into it and found out that glutamine stabilizes blood sugar levels and suppresses insulin from doing its job of taking glucose away from the blood. Insulin can cause blood sugar levels to drop too low, which is why we crave “something sweet” (to increase the blood sugar levels that have dropped because of insulin)

Glutamine not only stops sugar cravings it actually stops alcohol cravings as well (which is great for college students that regularly go out and party but want to cut back on the liquor and get healthier).

You see glutamine is actually a triple threat. It can help prevent muscle loss, heal your gut lining, and help control your sweet tooth.

So if your someone who easily gives in and has that piece of cake or cookie I recommend taking two 500mg capsules 2 to 3 times a day, preferably on an empty stomach (I got this recommendation from Julia Ross, who is the author of The Diet Cure)

So now that you know my secret weapon to defeating my sugar cravings, let’s find out why we get these evil cravings.

As I’ve stated on a previous article, a big reason people can’t cut out grains from their diet is because they possess exorphins, which is a morphine like compound that can easily get you addicted to grains.

And adding sugar to the mix doesn’t make it any better since sugar has been found to be way more addicting than cocaine.

So when you eat your next cupcake, candy bar, or soda just remember

Your body is reacting to it the same way a drug addict’s body reacts to their choice of drug.

And since most people are addicted to grains and sugar

Cutting it out cold turkey is only going to leave you in withdraw, it might not be as bad as an addicts withdraw but you’ll feel it.

So to avoid a dreadful withdraw supplement with glutamine, it won’t only stop your cravings

It’ll also make it easier to say no to the next cupcake that crosses your path.line-480

I hope you enjoyed today’s article. If you do suffer from an over active sweet tooth give glutamine a shot and let me know how it goes.

Also if you know any other secrets to stop sweet cravings let a brotha know in the comments section.

Talk to you later,