Unfortunately all too often I have people coming up to me and telling me that dieting is too hard and that they gave in to temptation and ate a doughnut the night before or that they’re not seeing the results they want so obviously their “diet” isn’t working.

People don’t understand what actually causes them to store body fat. Aside from all the additives that food companies put into our foods human beings were never meant to eat as much carbs as the average american does.

To the vegetarians; my apologizes in advance but human beings are meat eaters. Our bodies thrive on fat. Our bodies perform optimally and feel best when its getting a good amount of its calories from fat.

Sadly we’ve all  been taught wrong from birth. I don’t know about you but when I was growing up I loved cereal. I would have a bowl every morning and sometimes even after I got home from school.

Thinking back on it now, I know exactly why I loved it so much. It’s an addictive substance.

There’s so much sugar in there that if you mechanically separated the grain from the sugar and you bagged the said sugar and showed it to a coke head – he’d grab it and run. All jokes aside though, this is as real as is gets. Recent research shows that sugar is more addictive then cocaine.

So if you haven’t guess it by now; I was a fat kid growing up.




All the years of eating cereal did me dirty. It caused me to become insulin resistant. Which by the way, a large percent of the population is.

What is insulin resistance you ask?

Well in simple terms it means that your body doesn’t react well to insulin. The insulin receptors of your cells have become numb to insulin. Making it a lot harder to do its job.

By the exact definition; according to Medical News Today


Insulin is a hormone. It makes our body’s cells absorb glucose from the blood”

It makes our cells absorb glucose from the blood. Want me to say that again?

It makes our cells absorb glucose from the blood.

All our cells; muscle cells and fat cells. So this condition made it a lot easier for me to store fat. Insulin was supplying mostly my fat cells with glucose. Making my fat cells bigger in size.

And this is also why a large of percentage of the population is over weight.

Carbs shouldn’t be eaten in every meal. That’s the take home message here.

Having carbs in every meal especially carbs from processed foods increases your chance of becoming insulin resistant. Which will in return (how do I put this nicely), Make you fat.

Listen if you’re 110% committed to your fat loss goals and you do everything right (counting calories, counting macros, managing insulin, and sticking to eating whole foods) I promise you WILL see results in as little as a week.

Of course they won’t be drastic results but they’re results and the harder you work towards your goal and training; the more results you’ll get.

Now I make it sound easy but if you’re not used to eating a diet directed towards fat loss then it’s a challenge.

Obviously you have to eat in a calorie deficit if you want to burn fat.

For most people, lets say an average american with over 20% body fat on him/her. The actual amount of calories they will need to consume would be less then what their body is used too consuming in a day.

So what happens is your body secretes ghrelin (ghrelin is a hormone that stimulates hungry). Nasty little things.

This is when most peoples will power will be tested and I believe that most give in.

You are a warrior, fight through that shit. Changing your body is a physical and mental challenge.

It’s not easy… at first. But if you do everything correctly and you were good on your diet and training.

21 days later you’ve now created a habit. So trust me it becomes a lot easier and you learn through the process. You have to know your body if you want to change your body.


p.s. If you want to know if you’re insulin resistant the best way to know is, if you’re over weight; 15% or over in body fat can mean you have some form of insulin resistance.